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Bailey Bites is committed to providing healthy and delicious specialty treats that all dogs will gobble up in seconds! We strive to remove barriers created by the dietary concerns of dogs or their humans. We make gluten-free treats for dogs who are sensitive to wheat, low-sodium treats for dogs who need to avoid salt for optimal health, and sunflower seed treats for people with severe nut allergies who are unable to give their dogs the nutty treats that most dogs love. All of the treats are vegetarian or vegan, made by hand with organic and local products, and free of preservatives. All dogs deserve treats, and everyone deserves the joy that a happy, healthy dog brings. Our Chief Quality Control Officer, Bailey (a Bichon Frisé with a very refined palate), would never let anything but the best dog treats leave our kitchen!


One Reason Why

Simply put, dogs rule. One year, Sarah – our President and CEO (Chief Edibles Officer) – made some holiday treats for canine friends and family. Her dog, Bailey, loved them so much that Sarah kept making the treats. Requests started pouring in, particularly from people whose dogs are unable to eat commercially produced treats. We realized that the most rewarding aspect of hours spent making treats is that these wonderful dogs could finally have treats again because of the quality of the ingredients and the carefully developed recipes. Dogs make us so happy, and we’re so glad that we can make them happy now!

Chief Quality Control Officer Bailey testing a batch of Bacon-ish Cheddar Bites

Deep Thoughts

Our goal is to make the best possible treats for our best four-legged friends. By using at least 50% whole wheat flour in all recipes that contain wheat, minimizing sodium as much as possible, and using organic ingredients, we make treats that will prompt an endless debate: Who in the family will love these treats more? The dogs, because the treats are so yummy; or their humans, because the treats are so healthy? We'll never know!  

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