the good stuff

Smoky Sunflower Snaps

A lot of homes have humans with nut allergies, but dogs love nutty treats. That used to be quite a conundrum, but Smoky Sunflower Snaps are the solution! The ground sunflower seeds give the treat a nutty flavor and texture, but are safe for most people with nut allergies. Happy, healthy humans and dogs -- what could be better?

Bacon-ish Cheddar Bites

Pretty much all dogs love bacon, and most humans do as well -- unless they don't eat pork for religious or ethical reasons. These treats have a smoky, bacon-y flavor but are completely vegetarian. The cheddar cheese just takes them over the top in terms of deliciousness. 


These vegan treats would be a perfect snack on a hayride! The grated apples and cinnamon in the treats evoke the cup of cider at the end of every hayride, and the pumpkin is a perfect complement. Sweet treats aren't usually healthy, but this one  -- with no added sugar -- is!


The treat that started Bailey Bites! These scrumptious snacks are healthy and delicious, with whole wheat flour, peanut butter, and a sprinkling of aged Parmigiano Reggiano. 

Dancing Bee

These gluten free treats have only four ingredients -- oats, peanut butter, milk (all organic), and local honey. They're a wonderful snack for dogs whose tummies don't like wheat!

Go get 'em!!